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Laurel Park Animals

At Laurel Park we love animals... So we created a quiet and secluded campsite with various animals for our guests to enjoy during their stay.

We have two male Mediterranean miniature donkeys: Karma and Prana - both love people and absolutely adore dogs! Prana is the larger and darker of the two and loves his ears being rubbed. Karma is the smaller greyer donkey and is very partial to having his hip / top of his bum scratched!


Our two male Pygmy goats are called Fluff and Gizmo - both born in April 2017. Fluff is the smaller of the two and a bit grumpy - sometimes he likes a fuss, but other times might wave his horns about to let you know he's not in the mood! Gizmo is huge for a pygmy goat - he always loves his neck being scratched.

We have an ever changing variety of Chickens including: Rhode Island Reds, Polish, Silkies, Frizzle and Coper Marans, as well as a mix of hybrids. They are all named after either female Star Wars characters or Star Wars ships. They are rescued free-range farm egg-layers or have been re-homed.  All our chickens are female.

Our 2 female Ducks, Blossom and Daisy, are also rescued from a free-range farm. They have retired and now lay eggs for us and our campers instead of Waitrose! They are Aylesbury ducks, a large white duck breed that like dunking their heads daily in buckets of water, but don't need a pond to be happy.

We have three Rabbits, the largest of which is Oreo, an elderly female black 'English Giant' with huge double chins! Her daughter, Yorkie, is also all black, but a lot smaller. Rolo is the youngest of the three - a grey male who's father was wild! (But that's a story we will reserve for when you are here!)

Our Guinea pigs joined the Laurel Park family in mid 2021. We started with 4 females - all sisters from a single litter. The plan is to breed them once to expand the family. A male was kindly loaned to us by a friend, in the hope of having baby guineas before the end of 2021. Watch this space!

We have two Dogs - Harley is a German Shepherd / Labrador who LOVES a good fuss and a cuddle with anyone willing. Sadie is a shy but cute Jack Russell / Pomeranian, who enjoys meeting and playing with visiting dogs. When the campsite is open, we request and appreciate all dogs being kept on a lead, including our own - this ensures the safety and enjoyment of all campers and on-site animals.

Our Cats, Lucy (black and white) and Shelby (mostly black, but with white socks), enjoy time roaming the campsite and surrounding areas in search of field mice and mischief. As far as Lucy is concerned, all campsite buildings, including the yoga barn and communal lounge, have been built just for her! Often, Shelby can be seen joining Andy and Emma on their evening dog walk around the campsite, as they check in with campers before bedtime.

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