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Welcome to Laurel Park Campsite     (Open: April-September)
A friendly, peaceful, multi-award-winning campsite and glamping-site in south Lincolnshire, with animals and yoga.

Number of trees in Laurel Park's Forest in Madagascar:


Would you like to off-set your carbon footprint by having a real tree planted in Madagascar?

Just select "Plant a Tree" in the optional extras and choose how many trees you would like  our partners to plant on your behalf.



  • Please do not arrive at Laurel Park if you have typical symptoms of an infectious disease (e.g. coughing, sneezing, nausea). COVID or otherwise. Nobody wants to catch an illness whilst on holiday. And if we (the campsite owners) get ill, we may have to close the site completely, thereby affecting many guests' holidays. So please be considerate and stay at home if you are ill.

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